Why Study in León?

Estudiar en León


  • Because it means making a good choice
    You will have the guarantee of quality that comes from attending a university establishment that has been running Spanish courses since 1956. Over sixty years of experience and of satisfied students are the best proof of our competence. 
  • Because you can learn the best Spanish here
    Because of its location, León benefits from being in a part of Spain where the Spanish spoken is the standard form, free from any influence of other languages. 
  • Because our teaching is personalised
    We do not just pay lip-service to this, we really mean it. We take pride in knowing each and every one of our students personally. Our teachers are not just instructors, but also friends who take an interest in their students outside the classroom. This is possible thanks to the family-like ambiance in our Centre and our policy of small groups, avoiding the sort of overcrowding from which some other centres teaching Spanish can suffer. 
  • Because our teaching staff are first class We have a permanent staff of teachers with degrees or doctorates in Spanish language and literature, history and art. They have proven experience of teaching Spanish and regularly participate in courses and conferences keeping them up to date in all the techniques of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. 
  • Because we offer a good selection of complementary activities
    The extensive programme of extracurricular activities organised by the Centre on weekends and holidays is a perfect complement to classes. It helps students to acquire on the ground an awareness of topics relating to History, Art, traditions or Geography. This in turn enhances their understanding of our culture and rich heritage. 
  • Because our range of courses is wide and flexible
    The range of courses offered by the Language Centre is very varied and can match the needs or requirements of any kind of student. Besides this, we offer maximum flexibility in respect of the timing and type of studies that participants may wish to undertake, thus ensuring the best conditions for learning at every level.