At the course administration office there is a person solely dedicated to host family search, screening and placement, and who supervises accommodation for foreign students. Accommodation options include:

  • Host Families: full board in a single room (includes washing and ironing). Cost: €25 per day. The Language Centre has an extensive database of host families in León which have been specially selected to host foreign students.
  • Halls of residence: The Language Centre processes applications for all the halls of residence available in the city (See PDF)
    Residencias PDF
  • Shared Flats (available only for full-time and long-term students): shared accommodation with other Spanish or foreign students. Prices vary from 120€ to 200€ per month per person, depending on the location and condition of the apartment. Gas, electricity, central heating and water bills are not included. The "University Housing Program" is a free service which offers advice and useful up-to-date information on available accommodation for rent in the city.