What is CCSE?


The exam on constitutional, social and cultural aspects of Spanish life (CCSE).

How to register for the CCSE exam

Candidates must register online through the official website of the Cervantes Institute, where they will be asked to choose:

  • the date for the exam
  • the examination centre
  • an online payment method to pay the exam fees

How much does it cost to take the CCSE exam?

The price of the CCSE exam is 85€.

How can I get ready for the CCSE exam?

The Cervantes Institute makes available to the candidates:

What else do I need to obtain Spanish nationality?

If you want to obtain Spanish nationality and your mother tongue is not Spanish, you must pass the DELE A2 exam (Diploma in Spanish level A2) in order to prove that you have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

To obtain Spanish nationality, in addition to passing the CCSE and DELE A2 exams, you must meet the legal requirements established by the Spanish Ministry of Justice.